Proverbs 4:3-9.                        “When I was a boy at my father’s knee, the pride and joy of my mother, He would sit me down and drill me: “Take this to heart. Do what I tell you—live! Sell everything and buy Wisdom! Forage for Understanding! Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch! Never walk away from Wisdom—she guards your life; love her—she keeps her eye on you. Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom! Write this at the top of your list: Get Understanding! Throw your arms around her—believe me, you won’t regret it; never let her go—she’ll make your life glorious. She’ll garland your life with grace, she’ll festoon your days with beauty.””

fathers and grandfathers, as men are called to be the spiritual head of the household. Not the mother, the father. The mother spends many more sleepless nights praying for her children, but the father is still called to be the spiritual leader of the home. So Solomon says, “Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding.” Please notice that he did not say to pretend to know understanding. He said to attend to know understanding. That is, when your father gives you words of wisdom, you should listen to him and not ignore him. Young person it would benefit you to listen to your father. Father’s and grandfathers, you must be careful to give your children wisdom to help them.

We would be very foolish to pass lightly over the statement “I was my father’s son” in today’s verse. Of course he was his dad’s son! However, I think that there is a deeper meaning. Solomon is indicating to us that he had an intimate relationship with his father. His father had such an influence on him that he was proud to be David’s son. Fathers and grandfathers do not let your kids grow up to be ashamed that they are yours. Set the example and be the man of God before them that you are called to be. Let them look back and say, “Yeah, that was my dad!”

Culled from Paul’s Etterling‘s sermon ‘The Influence Of The Father‘ https://www.sermoncentral.com/sermons/the-influence-of-the-father-paul-etterling-sermon-on-fathers-day-37003?page=2

Think About This 

Are you proud to your father’s child? Do you attend to his wisdom? Are you living a life that would make your children proud?


Dear Lord, Please hold me up to the mirror that I might see honestly who I am. Show me how to change if I don’t see a reflection of you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 



Proverbs 23:24.                              “Parents rejoice when their children turn out well; wise children become proud parents.”

You would think the Bible wouldn’t state something so obvious. Of course Parents get excited when their children do well; it means they have done a good job. Every parent wants their child to succeed in life; the challenge is in positioning that child to succeed.

A look at the NIV version of today’s verse helps break it down

“The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.”

Proverbs 23:24 

It is the godly father’s job to put the child on the path of righteousness. It is up to the father to declare “…….As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!” (Joshua 24:15) and then to lead by example.

Children are not born wise. The Bible says

“Young people are prone to foolishness and fads; the cure comes through tough-minded discipline.”

Proverbs 22:15 

It is the godly father’s job to make sure through discipline and correction that the child remains on the path that will teach him wisdom. (Proverbs 22:6)

The Bible stresses the importance of wisdom and righteousness for good reason. If even you have nothing to leave your child and the world leave a legacy of righteousness and wisdom 

Think About This 

What legacy was left you? What legacy are you leaving behind?


Dear Lord, Set me in the paths of wisdom and righteousness. Do not let me wander off so i might be an example to those who come after me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 



Psalm 103:13.                                “As parents feel for their children, GOD feels for those who fear him.”

I really prefer the way the NIV Bible puts it;

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;”

It tells of a father’s love for his children. It is this love that pushes a father to be the best he can be, to provide, to protect. It is because of this love that fathers inspire and encourage their children. 

In a lot of homes severe punishment is left up to fathers. Godly fathers approach this with mercy and justice even as God Himself corrects us in mercy and justice.

The word compassion implies acting on an emotion. Emotion isn’t something we often associate with fathers; but think about it. Would dad go the extra mile at work just so he could buy you a new bike or that thing you asked for, even though he has other bills to take care of, if there wasn’t a strong emotion underscoring his every move?

Think About This 
Psalm 103 is a treasure house of the awesome qualities of a Godly father. Read it and acknowledge your Heavenly Father. Read it and appreciate your earthly father. Read it as a guide to be a Godly father or to raise one.

Dear Lord, I thank You for your tender compassion towards me. May I show compassion to all I meet. Amen 



Psalm 68:5-6. “Father of orphans, champion of widows, is God in his holy house. God makes homes for the homeless, leads prisoners to freedom, but leaves rebels to rot in hell.”

There is nothing more beautiful than observing the bond between father and child. Fathers provide, protect, inspire and lead. Children are convinced their fathers are superheroes. That is when fathers are Godly men.

I was watching a National Geographic special on Spinner Dolphins the other day and was struck by how Godly the males of the pod were. Seems like a strange thing to refer to animals as Godly as it is man who was created in God’s image and not some animal. Yet these mammals gave me to truly understand today’s verse.

When it’s mating season the of-age females of the pod, mate with as many of the males as possible. This is to ensure fertilization. As a result only the Mothers of the calves are known, not the fathers. Although the bond between cow and baby is strong, the bulls aren’t left out. Because the bulls can’t identify their calves they look after all the babies with equal love and protection.

It is unfortunate that mankind has worked itself into a state where one must prove paternity and fatherhood is often reluctantly accepted. That wasn’t the natural order of things and if man has changed it, then man can change it back.

God gave us an example of who a father is in Himself and a reminder in the Spinner Dolphin.

Think About This 

Do you have the makings of a Godly father? Do you have what it takes to raise one? Let’s change the world!


Dear Lord, Remind me that You have given me all I need to provide for, protect, inspire and lead others. May I be a Godly father or raise one or both. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 



1 Corinthians 3:11.               “Let each carpenter who comes on the job take care to build on the foundation! Remember, there is only one foundation, the one already laid: Jesus Christ.”

Jesus is our only foundation. When Jesus is not the foundation of the church then man’s self-righteousness takes over, his pride comes in, and his church not God’s church is in competition with other churches instead of working together towards saving the lost unsaved folks. 

The best way we can recognize these carnal led churches is because they focus everything on self, and on material things instead of spiritual things. We have Jesus as our foundation because He never changes and neither does His Word, Jesus’ commandments are the same as they were when He first gave them to His disciples and that was to go and tell the world about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Believers must build the framework of the church on top of the foundation wisely with God’s doctrine, and by folks with the heart of a loving God. In order to lay a foundation today one must be faithful, obedient, and available. 

God will never ask the unsaved world to do anything for His kingdom and neither will He ask a servant that is a backslider to work in the harvest of saving souls. If there is sin in your life and you are a Christian it will affect your prayer life, it will affect your meditation on God’s Word, it will affect your giving, and it will also affect your church attendance, and it will affect your fellowship with other believers. 

In knowing this it is imperative that a believer get right and stay right with God. God never promised our walk would be easy, but if we stay faithful to Him, He promises to walk with us and all we have to do is follow Jesus. 

Culled from John Colbert’s sermon ‘Laying A Strong Foundation.https://www.sermoncentral.com/sermons/laying-a-strong-foundation-john-colbert-sermon-on-jesus-our-foundation-194757?ref=SermonSerps

Think About This 
Are you building? What are you building on?


Dear Lord, Never let me build off blueprint. May my service to You be built on the foundation that is Christ. In Jesus name I pray. Amen



Revelation 3:16.                          ““You’re not cold, you’re not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit.””

God really doesn’t like hypocrites! The language in today’s verse is very strong. The thing is it can sometimes be tough telling fake Christians from real ones. Especially if the person we’re examining is ourselves.

Below is a link to an awesome article by Tom Hicks, the Pastor of Discipleship at Morningview Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. He breaks down how to distinguish a genuine Christian from a hypocrite.


Think About This 

Which one am I and what am I doing about it?


Dear Lord, May my heart be ever true to You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 



Titus 1:16               And “They say they know God, but their actions speak louder than their words. They’re real creeps, disobedient good-for-nothings.”

I’m sure we all know a few people who claim to be Christians but you really can’t tell it by looking at them. You know; they cut you off in traffic, pinch money from their mum’s purse, know the worse curse words, say they’ll do stuff but never do. We even have a fancy name for folks like that; hypocrites.

Being a Christian isn’t about wearing pretty dresses or a suit and tie on Sundays, sitting in church and having a nice lunch after. Being a Christian means living every second of your life through the filter of Christ; “What would Jesus do?” 

The people who don’t ask themselves that question for every action they take most likely end up doing the wrong thing.

Think About This 

What would Jesus do?

Dear Lord, please help me to live my life through the Christ filter, that people may see what a Christian should be. In Jesus name I pray. Amen