Malachi 3:1-6. ““Look! I’m sending my messenger on ahead to clear the way for me. Suddenly, out of the blue, the Leader you’ve been looking for will enter his Temple—yes, the Messenger of the Covenant, the one you’ve been waiting for. Look! He’s on his way!” A Message from the mouth of GOD -of-the-Angel-Armies. But who will be able to stand up to that coming? Who can survive his appearance? He’ll be like white-hot fire from the smelter’s furnace. He’ll be like the strongest lye soap at the laundry. He’ll take his place as a refiner of silver, as a cleanser of dirty clothes. He’ll scrub the Levite priests clean, refine them like gold and silver, until they’re fit for GOD, fit to present offerings of righteousness. Then, and only then, will Judah and Jerusalem be fit and pleasing to GOD, as they used to be in the years long ago.

“Yes, I’m on my way to visit you with Judgment. I’ll present compelling evidence against sorcerers, adulterers, liars, those who exploit workers, those who take advantage of widows and orphans, those who are inhospitable to the homeless—anyone and everyone who doesn’t honor me.” A Message from GOD -of-the-Angel-Armies. “I am GOD —yes, I AM. I haven’t changed. And because I haven’t changed, you, the descendants of Jacob, haven’t been destroyed.”

God’s Justice will be terrible. We will each be weighed and measured against our sins and good deeds. That thought alone scares me because the Bible doesn’t pull any punches on the consequences of our actions;

1. The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23)

2. Our good deeds are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6)

3. Not just anyone can get into heaven (Matthew 25:46; Romans 6:23; Luke 12:5; Mark 9:43)

At the end of today’s passage God reminds us of who He is. The same God who smote Egypt with terrible plagues to rescue His people. The same God parted the Red Sea with a wave of His hand. The same God who leveled the walls of Jericho who a trumpet blast. The same God who caused streams to spring up in the desert so Hagar’s little boy would not die, who feed all the Israelites with manna and quail for 40 years as they wandered the desert

Mercy and compassion mixed with Justice and law. God has not changed. There must be punishment for our sins and yet the live God feels for us means His Son Jesus steps in on our behalf if we agree to step aside. I’m glad God doesn’t change.

Think About This

Are you standing in the way of God’s love and Mercy? If you are remember that put you right in the path of justice and law.


Dear Lord, I can’t begin to thank You enough for loving me the way You do. I’m glad You do not change. Amen


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