Haggai 1:12                             “Then the governor, Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, and the high priest, Joshua son of Jehozadak, and all the people with them listened, really listened, to the voice of their GOD. When GOD sent the prophet Haggai to them, they paid attention to him. In listening to Haggai, they honored GOD.”

Sometimes we get so caught up in who the messenger is that we miss the message. Human beings fail. We’re not perfect at all, but God can still use us. There is no explaining God; He often uses the most flawed of us to speak to us. The thing is; if you weren’t listening out for God you’d miss it when He talks. Listening to the messenger honours God; it doesn’t matter who the messenger is. 

Think About This 

Don’t let people’s faults cork up your ears.


Dear Lord, let me listen with my heart and not my eyes. I pray in Jesus name, Amen


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