2 Corinthians 7:4                        “If only you knew how proud I am of you! I am overwhelmed with joy despite all our troubles.”

It’s been said that all you can do is try, if you do you either succeed or discover a new way not to win (what some people call fail). No matter which way it turns out though one thing makes the Christian stand out from the non-believer; joy.

Joy comes from a relationship with the source of all life. It is not affected by external circumstances. Whether or not you passed that exam as a Christian you can have joy. Whether you have a terrible illness eating away your life or you’re the picture of perfect health, you can have joy if you’re a Christian. 

Times may be tough, circumstances of your situation may change with the speed of light, but the fact that God loves you and made you joint heir with His Son Jesus Christ and has given you the Holy Spirit as a guide will never change. This is what accounts for a Christian’s joy.

Think About This 

If you call yourself a Christian and yet have no joy; check your relationship with God. Perhaps you’ve disconnected.

Dear Lord, Thank for reminding me that in the midst of my troubles I can still have joy if only I still have You. Amen 


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