Luke 24:32.       “Back and forth they talked. “Didn’t we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us?””

On the road to Emmaus the disciples were engaged in bible study with the Lord Himself and didn’t even know it until they had understood what the life, death and resurrection of Christ meant to them personally. Then their hearts burned within them and they were so excited they just couldn’t hide it. They rushed to share the good news.

This Emmaus experience is what we should be looking for. It tells us that our faith is not to be founded on miraculous amazement, the signs and wonders that Jesus refused to perform to his unbelieving generation. Nor is it based even on blind and unthinking acceptance of whatever God says. Jesus refuses to endorse his words with his personal authority, but remains a stranger until the end. Rather Jesus appeals to all the evidence of God’s past actions, of the historical record of his involvement in human affairs. This record, won at such great cost to God, is the demonstration of who God is and how he chooses to act

The Emmaus experience is also the model for our outreach. For once convinced, and with their faith energized by evidential truth, the disciples rush back to Jerusalem to share with the others. Their appeal is not based on compulsion or the miraculous, but they have refound their faith through the words of a stranger. That this stranger is the risen Lord confirms their faith, but it was Jesus’ “Bible study” that had re-established it.10

Jonathan Gallagher


That heart-burning experience is something that we all need. We need it in a conversion experience when the Spirit of God makes us realize that we need Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. We need it as we allow the Holy Spirit to apply the truths of Scripture in our daily walk with Jesus.

Owen Bourgaize


Think About This 
Is your heart aflame for Jesus?

Which parts of Scripture make it all real to you?

Can you share this with someone?


Dear Lord, Help me keep the fire burning as I share the depths of your love for me with another. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 


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