Mark 15:1-5          “At dawn’s first light, the high priests, with the religious leaders and scholars, arranged a conference with the entire Jewish Council. After tying Jesus securely, they took him out and presented him to Pilate. Pilate asked him, “Are you the ‘King of the Jews’?” He answered, “If you say so.” The high priests let loose a barrage of accusations.
Pilate asked again, “Aren’t you going to answer anything? That’s quite a list of accusations.” Still, he said nothing. Pilate was impressed, really impressed.”

Do you know who I am? See here, I know my rights! You can’t do this to me! Christ could have said any of these things, but He didn’t. Christ could have told them He would rise again in 3 days so it really didn’t matter what they did. He could have quoted Scripture to show that they were merely fulfilling prophecy, yet He remained silent. That in it’s self fulfilled prophecy
“He was beaten, he was tortured, but he didn’t say a word. Like a lamb taken to be slaughtered and like a sheep being sheared, he took it all in silence..”

Isaiah 53:7

In Gethsemane Christ surrendered His will to God, afterwards we see Him setting self aside through silence. The Man who preached to over 5000 people in the open air without a microphone, the Man who spoke to the wind and the waves, the Man whose final cry rent the heavens and ripped apart the temple curtain; that Man chose to remain silent as His accusers charged Him and mockers ridiculed Him.

Instead of chattering away our lives, stop to consider, is it necessary? Can our silence be more eloquent in the situation than our words? A great part of meditation is silence; it causes you to put away self and focus on God. How do you draw strength from God if your words are building muscles for you?

Think About This 

Do you really need to say that?


Dear Lord, Teach me how to control my tongue and thoughts. Help me trade silence for strength. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


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