Joel 2:12   But there’s also this, it’s not too late—    God’s personal Message!—“Come back to me and really mean it!    Come fasting and weeping, sorry for your sins!”


“Are you sure this is for me?” Mary asked in confusion.  The gentleman on the other end of the phone call smiled and said, “If this is Mary Adjei then yes, this message is for you.  I assure you; I’m very particular about what I want and I wanted you Mary to be certain of that too, which is why I chose to personally deliver this message.  I am anxious to hear your response, but will give you the time you need to make up your mind.”  After wishing her a pleasant day, Mary no longer heard the gentleman’s clipped tones.  Wow!, Mary wasn’t sure which overwhelmed her the most; getting an offer for her dream job or having the CEO, himself call to offer her the job.
end-callIt doesn’t get much clearer than this; God wants you.  It doesn’t matter where you at or what you’ve done; the condition you’re in or how much damage you’ve caused.  What matters is whether you choose to answer God’s call. In Matthew 22:14 the King James Version says;

 “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

 God’s arms are open wide and He is eagerly anticipating your embrace.  All of us are called, all of us are wanted, but its up to us to take that step and accept the call.  God is patient, hoping we all make it; but He won’t force us and will only work with those who chose Him;

 2 peter 3 9.jpg

Think About This

What excuse could you possibly have not to come to Him?
chose God.jpgPrayer

Dear Lord,

I know I’m not worthy and that often blinds me to the fact that You do want me.  Open my eyes to see my way through to You.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen


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