“What are mortals anyway, that you bother with them, that you even give them the time of day? That you check up on them every morning, looking in on them to see how they’re doing? ”Job 7:17&18
Her phone rang just as she stepped out of the shower and Helen smiled. Without looking at the clock she knew the time was 6:45am and she didn’t need to check the caller ID on her phone to know it was a call from her dad. Ever since she had moved onto campus Helen’s dad had formed the habit of making a daily early morning call to check on his daughter. It was there special time together, when they caught up on each other’s lives. Daddy was a busy man and Helen’s classes were intense and all day long starting early. This was the perfect arrangement for them to keep in touch. Helen picked up the phone and answered with a bubbly “Hello!”img_3189God loves to stay in touch with us. He reaches out to us consistently throughout the day. But have you realized He makes daily house calls as well? Each day you wake up and have life, health, your body functions as designed. Even your illnesses and weaknesses are an indication that you exist and God has not left you.

I woke up today and thought why would God remember to give me life each day? Who am I that He thinks of me? The only answer I could come up with is; I am a beloved daughter of the Almighty God.

Think About This 

Why does God care about you?


Dear Lord,

How excellent in Your name in all the earth. You who placed the stars in the sky have looked at me in love and have chosen to bless me each day. I am not worthy, but I am so grateful. Blessed be Your holy name. Amen


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