Proverbs 18:21 “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”
Sally was a scientist. She was conducting an experiment. For the past three days she had been feeding a tomato plant with grade A plant food. As she fed it each morning and night she said affirming words to it. The plant was growing strong and Sally had never seen a fruit grow so quickly. She was feeding another tomato plant as well. This time she was critical of it as she gave a steady diet of rat poison. She was always careful to wash her hands afterwards; the toxic stuff was killing the plant and she didn’t want it to do the same to her! Sally made an entry in her notebook and closed it as she fantasized on receiving the Noble award for science. You never knew, they just might start handing the out to ten year old scientists.

Words really do have power. Imagine you’ve been fed a steady diet of encouragement and positivity for a project; the likelihood that it would succeed is higher than if you had digested doom and gloom for the same period. Words shape our perspectives and direct our thoughts. 

After his conversation the apostle Paul was in a delicate place; many were suspicious of him and the suggestion he quit was often colourfully put. Thankfully the aroma of Barnabas’ optimism was stronger as he urged Paul onto greater heights. Why he even convinced the opposition that it didn’t hurt to give Paul a chance. Think of how God eventually used Paul; it might never have happened if someone hadn’t used positive words.

Think About This

What are you feeding your soul? If you’re looking for positive soul food pick up your Bible.


Dear Lord,

Remind me that what I say to others has as much and effect on them as what I tell myself. When I lose focus please remind me of what You have said about me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 


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