Romans 10:9  That’s it. You’re not “doing” anything; you’re simply calling out to God, trusting him to do it for you. That’s salvation


Daddy urged Chris to peddle, but the brand new tricycle remained stationery.  Chris turned round in his seat and complained that the trike wouldn’t budge.  Daddy patiently explained for the 14th time that Chris would have to put his feet on the pedals and push if he wanted the tricycle to move.  Encouraged once more Chris placed his tiny feet on the shiny blue pedals and shoved them down.  The wheels spurted forward and Chris gave a victory yell.  Excitedly he pumped his little legs up and down until the tricycle was rolling cheerily along the pavement. Daddy was right; all he needed to do was move his legs.
bicycle fathers-sons.jpg

A lot of people claim to know the way to salvation, but the Bible says Jesus is the only way.   Being a Christian isn’t something you’re born with or that is given to you as a gift.  It is something you claim for yourself.  You can grow up in a Christian home, but you have to decide if you want to be a Christian or not all by yourself.  Making the decision to be a Christian can be scary and the journey a tough one, but it is totally worth it!


Think About This

If you’re ready to make that choice don’t get bogged down with all your past mistakes, instead tell Jesus all about them and let him know how sorry you are.  Tell him you want him to be your Lord and Saviour and trust Him to take care of you.  Remember, this can’t be a silent prayer; you have to open your mouth and make that confession.  He’s ready and waiting for you.pos_new


Dear Lord,

I know I’ve done things you don’t like and I’m sorry.  I want to be a different person.  I want You, Lord Jesus, to be my Lord and Saviour. Please wash away all sin in my life and take control.  Help me to be who you want me to be.  In Jesus name I pray; Amen.



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