Proverbs 18:10     God’s name is a place of protection—good people can run there and be safe.


There was a growl and a snort and Christopher’s heart jumped with fear.  He took off, blindly running towards the door.  His hands fumbled with the knob as he shook in fear.  The snarls came closer and Christopher sent up a silent prayer of thanks as the door handle gave way under his trembling fingers.  He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him, straight into Mummy’s arms.  He knew he would be safe there, no matter what was chasing him.

running scared.gif

There are all kinds of things in this world that scare us; exams, meeting new people, strange noises and even our own minds.  It really doesn’t matter what it is that chases us or frightens us, what matters is knowing where to run.  The Bible assures us that God is that safe place.  The emphasis is actually in God’s name and what it means.  God is everything we need and more at any given point in time.  Below are some of God’s names, what they mean and where you can find them in the Bible.

Elohay Mishpat– God Of Justice: (Isaiah 30:18). Elohay Selichot – God Of Forgiveness: (Nehemiah 9:17). Elohay Mikarov – God Who Is Near: (Jeremiah 23:23). Elohay Yishi – God Of My Salvation: (Psalm 18:46).  El Yeshuati – The God Of My Salvation: (Isaiah 12:2).  Immanu El– God Is With Us: (Isaiah 7:14). El Olam – The God Of Eternity (Genesis 21:33).

Whether you are running to or from something God is the place to go for solace.

names of God 2.jpg

Think About This

What are you running from?  What does the Bible say about it

What do you need?  Which of God’s names tells you that He has it covered?

names of God.jpg


Dear Lord,

It’s easy to be over taken by my needs and fears, but today I have learnt that you are all in all.  Show me how to reach the side of you I need at a particular moment.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen


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