Genesis 9:13     I’m putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and the Earth.


Adorkor stuffed the envelope with the letter she had written and sealed it.  She breathed in deeply; inhaling the perfume she had sprayed it with and then kissed it with her cherry red lips.  Kai watched her sister in wonder and confusion; sometimes big people did strange things.  Adorkor got the bedroom door before Kai snapped out of her awe inspired daydream and asked her why she had kissed the envelope.  She explained that because her husband was far away writing letters was a nice was to keep in touch and let him know how much she loved him.  She had kissed the envelope because she had made him some promises in the letter to wait for him to come home and she wanted him to know she meant it.  Kai nodded her agreement, not quite understanding, but glad that Bro Tetteh would come home to meet a warm welcome.


When the sun peeks through the clouds after rainfall, it sometimes creates that breath-taking wonder we call a rainbow.  We all appreciate how gorgeous rainbows are but do we fully understand the promises that go with it; the covenant that it reminds us of?


God truly was piqued with mankind when He decided to wipe the slate clean with a flood. It wasn’t a random thing though; man just kept committing sin after sin after sin with no remorse.  God plead with them but they ignored Him up to the point when they drowned.  We go through any number of tests and temptations and we don’t always pass them.  Sometimes we do the wrong thing.  There have been times when we think we’ve been so bad that we’ve gone beyond God’s forgiveness but that simply isn’t true.


God promised us, with that rainbow in the sky, that He would give us a second chance every time we asked for as long as we would accept it.  He is a patient loving God.  I don’t know about you but I find it reassuring to know that no matter how bad things get in my life, God is always ready to give a fresh start.

When I look up and see the rainbow in the sky I get all kinds of excited; that rainbow is His banner over me as love.  It’s God’s promise of forgiveness sealed with a kiss


Think About This

Do you think you’ve gone too far for God to forgive you?  God says that is impossible, just ask Him.

forgiveness rainbow.jpg


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Your never ending supply of second chances.  Please remind me of this whenever I forget.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen


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