Job 31:1      “I made a solemn pact with myself  never to undress a girl with my eyes.”


Anima blinked back the tears, sat up straight and looked ahead.  She had made Daddy a promise that she wouldn’t cry or be scared.  As the nurse drew closer brandishing the syringe with a huge needle, Anima wanted to jump off the table and run outside to Mummy.  As scared as she was, Anima held fast and refused to cry or bolt away.  She had made a promise to Daddy and promises must be kept!


When we make a covenant with God it’s pretty serious business.  We entrust ourselves to Him fully; looking to Him for guidance, protection, provision and all that life requires.  In return He requires our devotion.  Its simply that.  Pure, untainted worship; that what He wants from us.  Worship isn’t a 15 minute session in church; it’s a lifestyle that puts God at the center of everything.


It’s a terribly disappointing feeling when someone breaks a promise they made to you. Whether its something they said they would do or something they swore not to do.  That is a feeling you never have to experience with God.  When God makes a promise He sees it through to the end.  What about you?  Will you see it through?


Think About This

You don’t have to go out and save the world single-handedly.  What small part of yourself can you give God today as a starting point?



Dear Lord,

I know I’m not what you want me to be, but I’m eager to be.  I give You my heart; direct my life I pray in Jesus name. Amen


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